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The Financial Vulnerability Taskforce

The Financial Vulnerability Taskforce is a newly created independent professional body covering the Personal Finance, Insurance and wider Financial Services Sector. Its ultimate purpose is to promote greater UNDERSTANDING, encourage appropriate BEHAVIOURS and establish GOOD PRACTICE in respect of consumer vulnerability.

Adoption of the Charter allows firms and individuals to align with an Independent set of standards which are equally inline with the expectations and rules of the Financial Conduct Authority. The Independent Charter enables adopters to promote their own processes and commitment to treating customers and clients fairly.


Recognising the vulnerable circumstances in life we all face will result in better outcomes for all.  

Good Practice Guide - Divorce

Advising and supporting clients going through divorce
(In England and Wales)

FVT - Advising and supporting clients through divorce.jpg

The Financial Vulnerability Taskforce (FVT) has produced a new good practice guide to help financial advisers and planners wanting to know more about the key issues involved, benchmark good practice, and better understand the role that they and other professional services play in supporting clients going through this difficult life event. The guide’s been written by the Taskforce with valuable input from subject matter experts and produced in conjunction with Legal & General.

 Download the guide here.

 You can find other topical guides and other vulnerability support in the Resource Library of the FVT website.

Financial Vulnerability Taskforce Guides

Guides on Sudden Wealth

FVT Adviser Guide (Sudden Wealth)_Page_01.jpg

FVT Adviser Guide

FVT Consumer Guide (Sudden Wealth)_Page_1.jpg

FVT Consumer Guide

Here are the FVT's  downloadable PDF's on sudden wealth you can use and share for your company and for your clients.

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FVT Newsletter

Each month the FVT produces a newsletter packed with insights into the latest recommended seminars and courses, news relating to vulnerability, links to the latest guides and developments within the FVT.

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